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Strategic Communications

Project Committee

Krista Paternostro in charge: krista@MORS.ORG


The new ORMS ad we're going to run:  ORMS Ad blue2 - August 2008.pdf


Strategic Communications Campaign Basics


Elements of a Campaign


*     Planning Framework: goals, target audiences for each

*     Communications Strategy: priorities and approaches

*     Program Plan: program management, including POA&M, budget, metrics for ROI, measurement strategy

These elements should be reviewed and revised on a deliberate cycle.


Steps to build the Campaign Framework (Element 1)


*     Establish the scope of the campaign

*     Establish the campaign's decision making process, get it approved

*     Review the status quo: existing documents of governance, policies, stated goals, existing media

*     Interview Decision makers: individually

*     Presentation to Decision Making Committee


Proposed Scope

  1. Attract new members
  2. Attract meeting attendees
  3. Stimulate our current members to be more active
  4. Make our sponsors proud


Proposed Themes (Communicating the Value of Membership)

  • MORS members mingle with DoD decision makers and key analysts
  • MORS has many things going on (variety)
  • MORS activity is at the forefront of what DoD and the Country are concerned

    about today (has impact on formation of the Analytic Agenda)

  • MORS members have direct impact in fighting terrorism worldwide, and on

    operations in IQ and AF

  • MORS is for uniforms, civilians, contractors, and students
  • MORS members serve all Services, DoD, JCS, and DHS
  • MORS is a superior source of professional development for analysts, can help

    a supervisor of analysts with training & professional development


Targeting the Audience

What makes someone a serious candidate for MORS membership and meeting attendence?  Here are some ideas, I hope you have more...

  • Folks who have attended a special meeting
  • Members of student chapters of INFORMS at selected universities
  • Faculty and students receiving financial backing in the form of ONR, AFSOR, or OAR grants
  • Faculty or students receiving reimbursible research finding
  • Faculty and students at universities close to major military installations

Can we buy mailing lists?  Whose would we want?


Approaches (getting ahead of ourselves, just floating ideas)


  1. Advertising on the Web
    1. Professional destinations
    2. Recreational destinations
    3. Free advertising & links from friends
  2. Web Presence (key to growth in the value of membership)
  3. Outreach to the Prospective Member's Influencers
  4. Communications with Existing Members

*     remind them of the value of their membership

*     escort them to using the new MORS stuff

*     alert them about upcoming additions to the value of membership

  1. Press Releases
  2. MORS Leadership Playbook


The Wheelhouse

If you're talking radio and potential MORS members, you gota be talking SportsTalk.  This article gives you a little lay of the land in DC sports talk http://blog.washingtonpost.com/rawfisher/2008/07/_philadelphias_wip_all_local.html?hpid=news-col-blog.

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Mike said

at 3:23 pm on Jul 11, 2008

Specific information on the methods and costs of advertizing and communication continue to be available at http://orsagouge.pbwiki.com/StratCom

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