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MORS Education Colloquium

Page history last edited by Rafael E. Matos 14 years, 1 month ago

The MORS Education Colloquium was held April 8-9, 2009, at the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center (VMASC) (http://www.vmasc.odu.edu).  The Coordinator was Dave Spoerl (spoerl@usna.edu 410-293-6713). The theme for the colloquium was "Homeland Security - Keeping US safe!"


VMASC hosted it's simulation conference on April 9. The call for papers is here VMASC Simulation Conference. This was the first Education Colloquium held at a non-military site.

VMASC tracks:  Transportation, Medical, Homeland Security / Military, M&S in Engineering, Discipline of M&S / Body of Knowledge, and General Science


Discussion with VMASC on how to integrate us into the track system is key. MORS is sponsoring the Homeland Security track. I have initiated contact with Dr. Cathy Banks at VMASC (CapstoneConference Coordinator) on what to expect from the Capstone Conference attendees.

Lessons Learned from coordinating the Education colloquium and the student competition (a group effort by Joe Mlakar, Andy Armacost and Dave Spoerl)



Tentatitive Schedule:



Wednesday April 8, 2009

Thursday April 9, 2009


Welcome aboard and keynote speaker


Student Competition Group Presentations


Student Competition Kickoff – Andy Loerch  Problem Solving


Mike Garrambone – OR History


Institution Presentations

Students working in Groups


















Homeland Security Panel Discussion







Updated Schedule Feb 25, 2009


  Wednesday April 8th   Thursday April 9th
Time Professionals Students Time    
7:15 AM Check-in and Breakfast 7:15 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Opening Remarks: Dave Spoerl 8:00 AM Kick-off/Admin: Dave Spoerl
8:10 AM Welcome aboard: Mike McGinnis 8:15 AM Student Competition Presentations
8:15 AM Keynote Speaker:  Mr.Ervin Kapos, Director, Operations Analysis
Science and Technology Directorate
Department of Homeland Security
Introduction Arch Turner
9:00 AM Andy Loerch: Problem Solving  
9:30 AM Student Competition Introduction: CAPT Doug Otte/Mr. Joe Mlakar  
9:45 AM Break 9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM USMA - COL Mike Kwinn Student Competition 10:00 AM Kyle Kliewer - “Leaving the Navy and becoming and ORSA – Lockheed Martin style”
10:15 AM USAFA - COL Andy Armacost  
10:30 AM USCGA  
10:45 AM USNA-LT Melissa Carulli 10:45 AM Rob Dell (NPS) - " Defending critical Infrastructure"
11:00 AM Break  
11:15 AM ODU  
11:30 AM GMU - Andy Loerch 11:30 AM Lunch
11:45 AM VA Tech      
12:00 PM VMI - Dewald      
12:15 PM Lunch      
1:15 PM NSA - Craig Holcomb 1:00 PM Student Research Presentations
1:30 PM VMASC - Mike McGinnis  
1:45 PM ALMC- Ken Lewis  
2:00 PM Trac - Rob Hanayik 2:00 PM Panel Discussion - Mike Bailey
2:15 PM Lockheed Martin - Steve Notarnicola   
2:30 PM Break  
2:45 PM General Dynamics  
3:00 PM Johns Hopkins 3:00 PM Rafael Matos - "Social Science Applications in HD"
3:15 PM Break  
3:30 PM OR Heritage Presentation - Mike Garrambone 3:30 PM Competition Awards and Judges’ Remarks       
4:30 PM Day one over 4:00 PM Drive/Fly Safely
7:00 PM No-Host Social (Location TBD)      


Volunteers and their roles


Student Competition: Doug Otte and Joe Mlakar

     - Judges:  Jerry Kotchka, Jack Keane, Lee Lehmkuhl and Dan Dassow


Homeland Security Panel Discussion:  Mike Bailey


Jack Keane has initiated contact with Virginia Tech and JHU/APL staff located at Old Dominion Univeristy.



Mark Gallagher suggests that we send a notification or flyer to math departments and ROTC units of universities within 150 miles. 


I am already planning on being there for the Capstone Conference.  So, if you need a judge, let me know.  Dan Maxwell

Comments (2)

David Spoerl said

at 8:13 am on Jul 12, 2008

I agree Mark. Can you help in identifying school with ROTC units in th vicinity of Norfolk.

We need some assistance. People to draft potential questions for the quick analysis competition, at least two more judges, 3-4 speakers on homeland security research (2 for the 8th during the competition and 2, maybe, for the 9th). I plan to work with Mike McGinnis to get a better idea of what our students may be able to observe on the 9th. Should we allow the students after the quick turn analysis competition briefs to visit the other tracks at the simulation conference? We will actively invite students attending the simulation conference to attend our briefings, so why shouldn't we allow our students to attend the other track presentations?

Joseph Mlakar said

at 3:50 pm on Jul 22, 2008


I'll volunteer to draft some potential questions for the quick analysis competition. I would also be willing to serve as a judge (unless you're specifically looking for an individual with more seniority, in which case I won't be offended if you replace me at any time).

Semper Fidelis,
Joe Mlakar

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