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MORS Management Committee

owner Terry McKearney [terry.mckearney@therangergroup.com]


Reminder, this is a PUBLIC page.

Business Plans


We are developing Business Plans.  We are developing initial four plans, each on the following wiki pages. 


Membership Business Plan

Phalanx Business Plan

Symposium Business Plan

QDR Special Meeting Business Plan


Collaborators may input their edits (very similar to a very simplified word processing package).  Use Control C to copy and Control V to paste. 

Everyone else will view and edit the latest current version so we do not need version numbers.  Please look at and copy from the other plans.


Comments (1)

Terry McKearney said

at 11:23 am on Jun 30, 2008

As we start the new "MORSian Year" here're our Committee's priorities

* Developing a MORS "Business Plan" that will bring the individual committees into the budgeting process. Our committees are our "cost centers" and we need to have the leadership of these committees directly involved in the budgeting process. Krista has a model for budget building that will bring the committees into the budgeting process. This will be new to our committees and BoD, but I'm sure we can make it work. And we'll base it on our five-year plan so it supports our Society's visions.

* A heightened awareness of fiscal issues on the part of the BoD. With President Mike's and Krista's concurrence all BoD meetings start off with a more detailed report on the financial state of the Society, as is common to other boards of directors, in both the commercial and non-profit world. The primary responsibility of our BoD is the financial health of the Society.

* Reinforce our relationship with the Sponsors from a financial perspective. While the sponsors do not provide the majority of our revenue, they are our single largest "customer" and, beyond the purely fiscal relationship, we benefit from their involvement in Society affairs on many levels. With the contract coming up for renewal it's essential that we open a dialog on our the future with the Sponsors and work with them to help us move forward on some of the initiatives we need in order to remain a viable professional organization. This is clearly not just a Management Committee issue, but one the President, EVP, and the rest of the EC will be involved with. But it does involve bucks and we do bucks.

Given the eagerness of the new EC and the BoD overall, I sense that the Society is on the cusp of change and evolution. It's our role to see that this is enabled by a strong financial underpinning. I'm glad to have you folks around to help ensure that foundation!


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