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Irregular Warfare Analysis Conference

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IW Analysis Workshop TOR


For those that missed it, we had a great workshop at MacDill AFB in February on Irregular Warfare.  The MORS Office have posted many of the presentations that were given at the workshop on their website www.mors.org just follow the links for "Completed Events" and you will find it.  They haven't yet posted the working group outbriefs so I have them posted here.

WG1 brief and notepages; WG2 brief nd notepages; WG3 brief and notepages; WG4 brief and notepages;

WG5 brief and notepages; Synthesis Group brief and notepages;  Additionally, attached is the draft of the Phalanx article that should be posted in the June issue.  Keep this site as a favorite as it will soon look very different.  Soon we will be posting many IW references, studies, organizations, links, data for our community to reference and share.  This will take some time to put together, so be patient.  For those who failed to stay in Tampa for Gasparilla, here is some of what you missed.

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