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Experimentation Community of Practice

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Draft - May 24, 2010

The MORS Experimentation Community of Practice will:


1.   Provide a forum for communication and collaborating of experimentation analytical issues within the MORS community.


2.   Use the results and recommendations of the 1999 MORS Workshop on Joint Experimentation and the 2006 MORS Workshop on Bringing Analytical Rigor to Joint Warfighting Experimentation as the foundation in the establishment of the experimentation community of practice.


3.   Meet at least annually as part of WG 23, Experimentation, during the annual symposium, and then regularly throughout the year via MORS telecon number, to


a.    Establish and maintain an experimentation analytical priority list,

b.   Share experimentation-related ideas,

c.    Discuss experimentation-related issues related to maintaining an effective operations analysis capability throughout the MORS Community,

d.   Develop and advance the body of knowledge on the use of M&S with experimentation,

e.    Document ideas, thoughts, actions, and recommendations, and

f.    Report regularly to the MORS Leadership and Sponsors on the status of the community of practice.


4.   Maintain an interface with the experimentation-related operations analysis activities throughout the MORS Community to facilitate quick response collaboration (e.g., peer reviews, a directory of key experimentation personnel, etc.).


5.   Develop a methodology to facilitate the sharing of experimentation-related


a.   Operations analysis best practices.

b.   Operations analysis process, analytical models and tools, architecture protocol development and modeling and simulation standards.

c.   Data pertaining to weapon characteristics, structures, tactics, etc., for both friendly and enemy forces on the battlefield and while combating terrorism.

d.   Insights and lessons learned with other communities such Test & Evaluation and emerging capabilities such as the Information Operations Range

e.  The beginnings of an experimentation knowledge base.


6.   Maintain a web site identifying and summarizing the experimentation-related operations analysis capabilities and activities within the MORS Community.


Experimentation LexiconExperimentation Lexicon V1.1.doc 

DOD Techipedia COPhttps://www.dodtechipedia.mil/dodwiki/display/techipedia/experimentation+community+of+practice



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