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Hutto, Gregory T CIV USAF  [Gregory.Hutto@EGLIN.AF.MIL], Committee Chair


WG/CG Chairs, Board Members, MORSians, amd interested fellow-travelers:



Greetings!  I’m Greg Hutto, the COP Chair for this MORS Year.  As you may well know, we have been experimenting with ways to continue MORS collaboration beyond the Symposia and Special Meetings.  We are endeavoring to find ways to add value to the MORS experience and encourage more paid membership in MORS.  You are a paid member, aren’t you? J   MORS COPs are the brainchild of Kirk Michealson, and were nursed in its first year by Trena Lilly.  MORS Communities of Practice (COPs) are toddling along.  We have established four – the Experimentation COP, led by Scott Hamilton < hamilton_scott@bah.com >, the Social Sciences COP, led by John Hummel < jhummel@anl.gov >, at Wiki - http://morsnet.pbwiki.com/SocScience ,  the Deterrence COP, chaired by Pat McKenna (McKennap@stratcom.mil)  and the Wargaming COP, led by Kyle Kliewer of Lockheed Martin, <kyle.kliewer@lmco.com <mailto:kyle.kliewer@lmco.com <mailto:kyle.kliewer@lmco.com%20%3cmailto:kyle.kliewer@lmco.com> > >.  You can find more about these COPs and the general Community idea, by reading the attachment and visiting the COP Wikis on MORSNet at http://morsnet.pbwiki.com/.  In fact, now all four Wikis are accessible from the Front Page of MORSNet - thanks to Mike Bailey.


Put your thinking caps on:  is there a natural subject area related to your WG (and OR) that we could forge into a COP?  Or is it possible that your WG would like to affiliate with one of the existing COPs?  For example, I can imagine that WG 9 (Countermeasures), WG 25 (T&E) and perhaps WG 22 (Measures of Merit) might be interested in affiliating with the Experimentation COP.  Here’s what I’d like from each of you who would like to participate in growing this new area of MORS collaboration:



1.       Promote the idea of COPs in your WG communications –either a new one or one of the existing ones.

2.       Respond to me with suggestions for new COP areas affiliated with your WG

3.       Give me your thoughts on other ways to collaborate or ways to encourage collaboration using the Wikis, DCO, or other means (aside from email, which we already use!)

4.       How can we make collaboration beyond the Symposium a vital part of the MORS Experience?



All ideas are welcome and I greatly appreciate your time and brain cells in this superb field of endeavor we are engaged in.



Greg Hutto, MORS COP Chair  


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