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Page history last edited by Mark Gallagher 15 years, 1 month ago

Board of Directors Wiki Page: General news and announcements for the MORS Board of Directors.  If you need to post an item, send it to the MORS Secretary mark.gallagher@pentagon.af.mil


President Mike Kwinn conducted a special board meeting via teleconference on 27 Feb 09 to approve the MORS Five-Year Plan.  The minutes are Board of Directors 27 Feb 09 Meeting Minutes.doc.  The approved MORS Five-Year Plan is MORS Five Year Plan (Approved 27 Feb 09).pdf.


President Mike Kwinn conducted a special board meeting via teleconference and Defense Connect Online (DCO) on 12 Feb 09.  The minutes are Board of Directors 12 Feb 09 Meeting Minutes v1.doc.


Five-Year Plan Document and Discussion

MORS Organizational Manual (MOM) addresses the board committee and activities.   2008 REVISED MORS MANUAL-112608.pdf 


 MORS Board of Directors Meeting on 9 December 2009 Final.doc.  See Executive Council for their minutes from the prior day.

Board Meeting and Committee Assignments!  This is the first draft of minutes for the three board meetings during the symposium, 8-12 June 2008.  In particular, please check the attendance list carefully.   2008 June BOD minutes.doc  Submit needed corrections as comments.  President Kwinn presented the following committee assignments at the Thursday of the June Sympossium.   Committee Assignments.pdf  The Vice-President titles and committee reassignments can not occur until a board vote, which is anticipated at the December Board of Directors Meeting.


Committee Plans.  As committee chairs develop plans they may wish to consonsult the initiatives that we not completed from previous years.  Jack Keane's list of initiatives are in this spreadsheet  BOD 2007-2008 Initiatives & Evaluations.xls, and Pat McKenna's evaluation of initiatives are in this spreadsheet  BOD 2006-2007 Initiatives & Evaluations.xls.



 Discussion on Web-Posting Policy for MORS

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